The product is a highly-concentrated, energizing whole fruit puree blend that is rich in Anti-Oxidants and naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals.  It comes in the 2 oz and 8 oz options.

ViaViente 3rd Generation

  • Tastes Great!
  • The Gold Standard In Anti-Oxidants
  • From Whole Fruits, Herbs and Minerals
  • Supports Less Aches And Pains
  • Supports A Deeper Level Of Sleep
  • Supports More Sustained Energy
  • Naturally-Occurring Vitamins And Minerals
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Viaviente it is a Concentrate juice that will provide 30 to 32 servings (table spoon) for 8oz glass of alkaline water, this product it is on the market for many years and has great fantastic results on our body, it is a bland of different fruits that will give you extra energy and nutrients.